The Value Architect

“At Factoryal, we are dedicated to affix wings to your ideas, and are ardent to penetrate the target markets, and committed in achieving sustainable growth, and thus committed to be your partner in unlocking enterprise value”

Your Partner in Crime

At factoryal we are committed to our clients to help them grow their business venture, in ways they could’ve never perceived their own business. We will partner in your journey to help you achieve pragmatic goals and milestones.

Value Widgets

With a plethora of challenges that keep coming in to the face of entrepreneurs and their teams in the pursuit of kick-starting new ventures and/or solving day to day operational challenges with productivity and efficiency in order to create enterprise value.

Factoryal is happy to launch a series of its proprietary management tools a.k.a  Value Widgets from time to  time in order to empower our clients and their employees. These Value Widgets are designed and developed by our Value Architects who have extensive experience in our practice areas and/or industries of our interest. All our value widgets are available for free of cost to anyone who are eager to create value for their enterprise.



Clients can download the tool kit of their choice for a better comprehension. Once the download is complete you can take a print out and start filling in the required information.



Once the above process is completed you must brainstorm on the learning you have received from the tool kit you have downloaded. With this learning you will have a more clear and concise comprehension towards your business.



After completing the above two, now comes the critical aspect of these tools, i.e executing the above in your business venture, in order to see substantial growth and difference.