Be sweet for your customers
but hard for competitors


We address fundamental principles in everything we do and in solving  our client’s problem. It is evident from the statistics that 90% of the start-ups fail due to the lack of fundamentals not being in place i.e;

1.Not solving the right problem, 

2.Being indifferent  to the existing alternatives,

3.Over estimating the market size,

4.Inadequate value proposition, 

5.Not able to identify the product-market fit, 

6.Inefficient  business and revenue model,

7.Unclear in defining a MVP. 

These fundamentals are building blocks and irreversible actions of value creation and any iota of ignorance or inexperience can cost millions of dollars for both founders and investors.


At Factoryal, we help you build the tailor-made kernel for your start-up which can circumvent  from market vulnerabilities and uncertainties. We closely work with start-up founders, angel investors and incubators in getting these fundamentals right through our mentoring & consulting continuum which includes but is not limited to brainstorming, workshops, primary, secondary research, expert opinion, leveraging proprietary & 3rd party management frameworks, etc.


To advise on the foundation elements of kick starting the venture pertaining to product-market fit, business & revenue model, competitive business strategy through workshops, brainstorming sessions and one-on-one meetings.


Market Sizing

We can help you understand the potential market size, underlying opportunities, and pro’s & con’s.

Business & Revenue Model

Our experts can quickly analyse your unit economics, and realign your business model, for a more sustainable and progressional growth.


Factoryal can help you in brainstorming your idea, and conceptualizing it in the most granular form, to help you gain clarity.

Need a guide by your side ?