Losers give up, but winners
retaliate and comeback.


Insuring  your business from failure is a highly daunting task and chances of sustenance keeps shrinking. Your enterprise may have lost the vigour due to black swan events, economic crisis, mismanagement, technology obsolescence, brain drain, capital drain, intense competition, Government regulations and/or other external factors.

Leading a company during the time of crisis without bleeding is a challenge  for most entrepreneurs. The moment your enterprise starts seeing decline in sales, revenue, and market share, with meagre or no financial resources at your hand; it is difficult to hold your flock together, retaining your valuable customers, convincing investors on your recovery. A smart player should know when to quit and how to quit if the rally is not feasible.


We at Factoryal will help you  build a tailor made kernel for your startup needs. We will circumvent you from market fluctuations, uncertainties, We work closely with company founders, HNI’S, and incubators.


Turnaround Strategy

We will help you build efficient and quicker turnaround strategies.

Resource Optimization

Our consultants can help in optimizing your resources, with minimal inputs we try to extract maximum outputs.

Business Restructuring

We also help in restructuring your business, to make it more sustainable and profitable.

Need a turnaround specialist?